Coming Attraction

This flip video is a funky homage to the Far West Village. Consider it a teaser for my new novel, Toxicology. What is gone? What is now here? Meat, real estate, O lovely esplanade, O lovely Hudson River, Paris Is Burning and the greasy oceans beyond…Enjoy the video and the music.

For All & No One

Graffiti on the wall outside my window provides a perfect title for this post. This page might turn up from time to time as a freewheeling art gallery, maybe a scrapbook of production stills, a forensic report or a flip video, a Betty Davis funkathon poem, maybe an homage to Archie Shepp’s “Blasé” or “Rated X” by Miles, maybe a little something for Sly, remember Sly? Remember Cockettes, Angels of Light, Brigitte Fontaine’s “Comme A La Radio”, Nico & Andy, the downtown tango, the squat, the brawl, remember Roberto Bolaño, hoo-hah, ha-ha, muy fun! Fragments of a dream, ancestral houses, et cetera…